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With seven major brands available, you may get  better advice from an Independent audiologist, like ourselves. Nowadays, most larger chains and nationals are  financially involved with one brand, or at least offer a limited choice. We have the best-selling Phonak  range from Switzerland, the Resound LiNX2 which  you control through your Smartphone, the  Siemens Binax with 48 processing channels, the  beautifully designed Oticon design RITE & more....   

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Are you looking for a solution to you hearing problem? Get in touch and benefit from our INDEPENDENT advice, a FREE TRIAL with no fee and                                                               our holistic FINE-TUNING programme. Robert Donnan

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Unfortunately hearing aid fittings do not  always go smoothly.... or at least you may  need several fine-tuning visits. For various  reasons (your individual cognitive listening  skills, the type of hearing loss you have  and the length of time you’ve experienced hearing loss), your response to any given  hearing device can vary greatly from that  expected. We give you a free trial, so  you’re able to test our first choice. If it  doesn’t work out for you, just try another. Better than worrying about asking for a refund or feeling obligated.... give us a call today, or book online

Fine tuning

On average, our patients benefit from 4  follow-up appointments in the first 2  months. This may sound a bit over-the-top but then our patients experience a greater level of success  in background noise, for  instance. Free Consumers’ Guide If you’re not ready to see us yet, order our informative guide, with your best interests  in mind and up to date reviews on ALL  models available. Read more....
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